What kind of sex life do you have?

Many people tend to have a hot and steamy sex life, while others are dull and lifeless. Find out what kind of sex life you have, you may be suprised at the results...

1 What's your favorite sexual postion?
2 Ever had any complaints while having sex? Really what were they?
3 Whats the Kinkiest place you did it in?
4 Think your experienced? Really how many people have you did it with?/How many tymes
5 Please tell me you use a condom..
6 If you was a condom what flavor or type would you be?
7 How long does sex with you last?
8 a whole of of foreplay is always good. what do you do a whole lot of?
9 What kind of sex toy are you?
10 What Letter grade would you give you self on your sexual performance
11 Before your hunny comes over for sex, you throw on?
12 Whoa, how long have you been doing this? Meaning: You lost it when?
13 Can you say anyone can do it better than Chantyll?