The (Reverse) Psychology Quiz

Reverse Psychology - The advocacy of one course of action in such a way as to persuade someone to take an opposite course. This Quiz uses Regular questions, Reverse Psychological questions and maybe even some Reversed Reverse Psychological questions...

1 Lets start off easy: What is: Two add Two plus Four in numbers?
2 This shouldn't be too difficult: Mr Bean, mr Bean and mR Bean all went shopping for their first Tv's, When Leaving They Put The Tv's Into A Trolley And Went Home. How many Tv's does the Bean family have?
3 How many letters are in: a letter box
4 I went out to the store and asked for some fresh "fish", I then went home and ate some fish food. What is fish made out of?
5 "I know the answer to this question, do you?" : When you say this out loud what does this mean. Are you saying 'You' know the answer or 'I' know the answer?
6 If i went to the URL I would find lots of useful information. If you went to the same URL what would you find?
7 If i told you to write down whatever i said followed by "Hello Goodbye Hello Goodbye Hello Goodbye." with "a brief pause" in between each word, what would you write down?
8 If you wanted to complete this all a second time, what would be the second letter of the second answer? Regardless of it being correct or incorrect.