So you think you know all about F.R.E.I.N.D.S

Are you a true fan of FRIENDS, and fed up of taking quizes that are either too easy or too stupid. Well then, this 1s for you! Recollect everything you can as this quiz will go deep into the lives of Joey, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Ross and Rachel testing you to the very most.

1 In season 1, Ross and Monica lose their 'Nana', what was her name?
2 Every week, Joey and Chandler recieve the T.V guide, on whose name is it?
3 In season 8, Joey discloses a Fake name he's used which turns out to be the same name from where Rachels friend heard the 'Sex Story' from, what is the name?
4 Ross lets it slip to Mike that Phobe has never had a serious relationship. To cover up he makes up a false person and says that Phoebe was in a relationship with him for 6 years. What isthe name and occupation of that person?
5 Phoebe tells Rachel not to get a massage at a corporate chain as she dos'nt want Rachel to know that she works there, when eventually Rachel does come-Phoebe gives herself a fake name and says she is from another country. Name the name and country.
6 In season 9, Moica gets her dream job at her dream resturant. first name that resturant and then the resturant she previously worked it.
7 Joey breaks up with a girl because he dos'nt like the way she keeps on playfully hitting him. It hurts him. Name the girl.
8 In terms of pizza, what according to the friends is the 'Joey Special'
9 According to Rachels boss at Ralph Lauren, Mr.Zelner ,what is Ross's name and what is Mr.Zelners sons name?
10 Which one of the characters got her nose done?