What type of dog are you?

Find out you special dog type?!

1 How many teeth do you have?
2 How many toenails do you have?
3 How do you sleep?
4 Do you think this quiz will help you live longer?
5 Do you pick your nose? (be honest)
6 Do you like the rugrats?
7 Do you lick your toes?
8 Do you eat McDonalds?
9 Are you a girly girl?
10 Are you a tom-boy?
11 How many questions does this quiz have?
12 Did you scroll down to look at the awnser?
14 What question are you on?
15 Do you get car sick
16 Do you have parents that smoke?
17 Do you love this quiz?
18 Do you eat poop?
19 Do you like a boy?
20 Do you like a girl?
21 Do you love your mom?
24 Is this the last question?