Jigsaw's Game

Hello facebooker....I want to play a game. You sit there hiding behind your keyboard, reading about the lives of others while yours simple ticks on by. But I ask you, do you really value your own life? Today we find that out, today you will be tested to see if by your own hands which "TOOL" would be used to set you free. But remember to choose wisely...you life may depend on your answers. Life or die....make your choice!!!

1 How many hours in a day are you at a computer?
2 Who would you tell your darkest secret to?
3 When you look in the mirror what do you see?
4 What is your favorite colour?
5 When do you feel safe?
6 You see a car accident, what do you do?
7 How many people have you said "I LOVE YOU" to?
8 What month do you enjoy most?
9 Who is your best friend?