Europe and Me: Which European superhero are you?

Hard times need superheroes. The usual American ones don't sell well any more nowadays, so maybe it's time to look for some new ones in Europe? We've found six so far. Take a test and check out which one of the Magnificent Six suits you best: Doctor Vlad, Captain Yulia, Angel-A, Cosmic Silvio, Super Sarko or Flash Gordon.

1 Why do you help people?
2 When you meet other super heroes, what do you do?
3 There is a global crisis, Earth may be distroyed. What do you do?
4 Who do you help in the first place?
5 What makes you tick?
6 What is your credo?
7 What do you do to stabilize currency?
8 For you Europe is:
9 What is your favourite weapon?
10 What's your favourit colour?