Does Your Guy Pal Like You?

A reliable (well, as reliable as these things can be) way to tell if your guy friend likes you in THAT way. Do those longing looks from across the biology lab mean he's dreaming about kissing class goodbye or kissing you hello?

1 The two of you are at the mall. When you head into Pacsun for a hoodie, the girl behind the counter--that blonde junior from his math class--is checking him out. You nudge him and suggest he talk to her. What does he do?
2 Your teacher gives you detention for passing notes during second-period English. After class, your guy pal:
3 You're in charge of the school's Fall Formal. On the big night, the decorations look fantastic, and a DJ is spinning awesome music--but nobody's dancing. You ask your guy friend to help you get this party started by dancing with you. What does he say?
4 You get sick and miss two weeks of school. Your teachers put him in charge of delivering your assignments. How does he handle the mission?
5 When you spend time together, how would you describe the vibe?
6 When he calls you up to chat, what does he usually talk about?
7 When you're hanging out at his house, what music does he put on?
8 The Halloween party is a couple weeks away, and you still don't have a costume. What does he suggest?
9 What present does he give you for your birthday?
10 Your team is in the big volleyball tournament. Where is he?
11 Is he suddenly talking to you more than he used to?
12 How do his friends act around the two of you?
13 Do you catch him staring at you?
14 If you're at a party, is always hanging out wherever you are?
15 Which is most likely?