Which Rockband are you???

Are you classic rock such as queen or eagles? are you metal like metallica or iron maiden? Are you into punk? Blink 182, Green day? Are you totally emo!?!?! Senses Fail, Bullet? Do you like soft rock? Killers, Script? Modern Rock??? Jimmy Eat world, Fall Out boy? Find out here!!!

1 Do you like headbanging?
2 Is screaming your thing?
3 If you hear a guitar solo do you air guitar???
4 If you hear a quiet, touching riff, waht do you do?
5 If Hotel California (Eagles) comes on, what do you do?
6 Would you play elec guitar, acoustic or bass???
7 OMG!!!!!!! It's Travis Barker!!!!! (From BLink 182) What do you do?
8 Ok its the end of a concert, what do you want to do?
9 Your parents don't let you go to a concert? What do you do?
10 I've got a message in a bottle here