Monzant Seed: Do You Really Care?

Hello everybody this isn't a real quiz, but I really do need your help for a project. I promise that it's not long because I made it that way to your own comfort. Please fill in these question by July 7 at 3:00 p.m. I know that this doesn't tell me exactly what you picked so if you can please also jot it down and send it on facebook Thank You.

1 How often do you eat your vegetable?
2 Do you know anything about Monzant Seed?
3 Monzanto Seed is suspected for the cause of the bee disappearence
4 Did you know that planting with Monzant Seed the seed in the Vegetable does not grow? You would have to buy another seed to grown the same thing, the seed is know as suicidal seeds.
5 Did you know that the pollination from regualr plants do not affect the Monzant Seed but the pollination of the Monzant Seed does affect the regualr plants?
6 Althought that the seeds are not really productive did you know that the seeds also helps feeds that whole polulation because with out it there would be enough food for everyone?
7 Do you care on whether or not the seeds has been gentically modified?
8 Would you only care if the seeds were genetically modified if it caused serious health problems?
9 Would you be encourage to buy local food naturally grown without Monzanto Seed? (Now learning somethings about the seeds)
10 Now aware of the seeds do you care?