take this quiz and find that how much you know me

1 i m sitting lonely,why?
2 ma fav mobile is?
3 ma fav singer is?
4 i become
5 ma fav color is
6 ma fav food is
7 ma frns are ma
8 ma fav song is
9 what kind of person i am?
10 i love musik
11 i love most
12 i love ma frnds
13 i am lonely person
14 ma fav movie
15 ma fav drink
16 ma fav actor
17 i m tootly
18 ma religion
19 i love rain?
20 ma fav chocolate is
21 how many frnds i have
22 i hate this animal?
23 i m sensitive?
24 i am just
25 ma fav namess?