The quiz relates to dog-walking and the love for pets! I am an eager dog-walker.

1 Do you have a pet dog?
2 Do you enjoy dog-walking?
3 How would you describe yourself as a dog-walker?
4 Are you a regular dog-walker?
5 what time of the day do you go dog-walking?
6 Is dog-walking your profession?
7 What are the benefits of dog-walking according to you?
8 How long have you been dog-walking?
9 How many dogs do you take while dog-walking?
10 Have you ever been fined by the authorities for any violation of dog-walking rules?
11 Are you a member of a Dog-walking Club?
12 What, according to you, is the definition of dog-walking?
13 Do you like the company of other dog-walkers?
14 What made you to take up dog-walking?
15 Do you have any problems during dog-walking?
16 Are there any members in your family who are dog-walkers?
17 Do you read any magazines related to dog-walking?
18 Do you clean up every time your dog makes a mess in public area?
19 Are you aware of all the rules and regulations when doing dog-walking in public areas?
20 what distance do you cover during dog-walking?
21 Do people on the streets or roads greet you when you are dog-walking?
22 Do your neighbours make fun of your dog-walking habits?
23 Do you feed the dogs when dog-walking?
24 have you got any awards or certificates of appreciation for dog-walking?
25 Would you encourage other people to take up dog-walking?