How crazy/eccentric/nuts are you compared to me?

We all have our own idiosynchracies, some more than others, for those who know me well enough know my eccentricity levels fluctuate depending on my mood, time of day, and what I had for lunch (i just found out it goes up after a heavy spicy meal). Wonder how looney you are compared to my average eccentricity level? Y not take this quiz and find out?

1 What was your first thought when you learnt of the indeterminancy of quantum mechanics?
2 What are the thoughts that go through your head when you're on the train/bus?
3 If you enjoy something (i.e, skill, subject, game), you will...
4 Your favourite TV shows are...
5 If you were asked to prepare a meal for friends or family, how would you go about doing it?
6 How would you describe the world?
7 What irks you most about human relationships?
8 When studying a science/math subject, what is your attitude towards it?
9 How open are you?
10 Last question, what are your thoughts on this quiz?