How radioactive are you?- you need to take this

This is a totally legitimate quiz of real-world importance the result of which is vital knowledge. You need to take this quiz, for your own safety and those around you. Only a little bit radioactive? You bloody idiot.

1 Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend? (or would you)
2 How old do you consider yourself to be, mentally?
3 When do you have a shower
4 Which of these music genres do you MOST identify
5 When did you last tell omone you loved them?
6 What is your favourite movie?
7 Which of these lyrics do you most identify with?
8 Are you radioactive?
9 Very radioactive?
10 Sure?
11 Really?
12 Alright fine, the quiz is over. Congratulations, you have taken time out of your life to discover something very im- what is your proudest achievement?