Chkeck how much u have prepared Unit 1 is SS !

Lets Play SS!! So what are u looking 4?? Come on....

1 What is the outcome of Parser?
2 In case of LL(1) Parsing First L means ?? and Second L denotes ??
3 Which data structure grows as and when a data is added?
4 Large development time is a drawback of ??
5 Simplicity and Generality are the Silent features of ?
6 Why do we need RE and FA?
7 Basic types of Data Structure are Linear and Non-Linear : Say True / False.
8 Language processor makes frequent use of data structure for what purpose?
9 Fill in the Blank : _____________ Contains only Terminals.
10 What are the actions of Toy Compiler?
11 Which data structure is used to store the information of all Identifiers?
12 What is the outcome of Language Processor?
13 Sequential allocation of memory is also called as ___________. ( Fill in the Blank)
14 Which is the non-linear data structure?
15 On which mode the stack Works?