Who said what on school letters to Stobiie???

Out of the many many funny letters I have from my old school friends, you have to guess which snippet came from who:

1 Who went to the clinic & seen a small freaky woman with massive specs?
2 Who gave Stobie a Christmas Present of a minging yellow toothbrush
3 Who's boyfriend's jaw was sore the next day after snogging them?
4 Who drew me pictures of various boys spunk & pubes, all different sizes....
5 Who gave me a present of a keyring saying 'I miss my virginity'!!
6 Who's dad read one of my letters and said he wouldnt wipe his arse with the content
7 Who went to the steeple at new year and 'got in' with loads of boys?
8 who wrote me a letter but said they had to stop cos it was dinner time & they werent wasting their dinner hour writing anymore?
9 Who wrote that even though they love their ex, they fancied Skinny (RIP mate)?
10 Who went to Corfu and wrote that the butchers shops were 'discusting'
11 Who no longer fancied 'stinking Tony Dickson'
12 Who was excited when Michelle F invited them to her sleepover?