How boyish are you?

Usually quizzes for girls go like, "how girly are you?" or "are you gorgeous, nerdy, hot, perfect or too girly?"... well, this one is a tiny bit different!!!!! You will see how much you can be compared to the opposite gender!!!!! FOR GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!

1 Would you go camping?
2 Someone pushes you deliberately. What do you do?
3 Do you still play with dolls?
4 You find yourself in verbal fight. What do you do?
5 How is your room?
6 You can't sleep. What do you do?
7 You are going to get mugged but the mugglers don't have weapons what do you do?
8 You have to go exploring the woods. You...?
9 What do you usually wear?
10 Favourite shoes...?
11 Someone dares you to jump off the high wall on you way to school. What do you do?
12 Difficult (TV fashion) situation: You are find yourself tied up against a pole and forced to say where what or when. The people have weapons, but they say that they do not wish to use them. Your truthful answer may be of danger to your other friends. What do you say?
13 What do you watch on TV?