How Retarded/Mentally Disturbed Are You?

Have you ever been awake at 5:00 am and can't go to sleep cuz you are saying " twelve hats left ma'am" over and over agen. Yeah, i bet not. But...

1 What time do you generally wake up?
2 Waffles?
3 Have you seen Bop Bop or Bop Bop returns?
4 If you had a paperclip?
5 At a Restaraunt you here a baby crying, you say :
6 asdf ?
7 do know what yarly means?
8 Do you think this quiz sux?
9 Do you get to sleep okay?
10 What music do you leik?
11 What method of secks do you prefer?
12 Do you enjoy my grammar?
13 Do you enjoy my language.
14 jsnr94h38ef789h3f0?
15 This quiz is over
16 Did you think that was the last question.
17 Do you have to do something, leik an ocd thing.