Are You A Pothead??

Ever wondred if you smoked too much?,or had some1 call you a pothead but didnt think it was true? well only way to find out is here,so go for it.

1 How Often Do You Smoke?
2 On Estimate,How many Blunts Have You Smoked In Your Life?
3 How Often Does Smoking Weed Come 2 Mind?
4 Whats Your Opinion About People Who Smoke Weed?
5 If Your a Smoker,Can You See Yourself Quitting?
6 How Old Were You When You First Smoked?
7 Have You Ever Smoked Exotics? (Piff,Kush,Dro)
8 If $20 Magically Appeared,Would Any Of It Go 2 Weed?
9 Should Weed Be Legalized?
10 Do You Smoke In Public?
11 How Many Times You Smoked Out Of A Hookah?
12 Do You Know Wat A Syfe Is?
13 If You've Syfed b4,What Was Da Most Headsz On It?