How logic is your mind?

Find out how Logic you are.

1 What Happend in London on the 31st, 1864?
2 (Measurements have been made up) A lorry goes over a brige which can only hold 100 kg, the Lorry is Exactly 100kg, however the Lorry stops in the middle, a fat bird that is 2kg lands on the lorry the Brige DOES NOT collapse! Why is this?
3 You are going to a club but you don't know where it is. 2 are wrong and 2 are right where is it? It is at 1.Alwnick town street is not in any town is in the club house next to morrisons in Alnwick 4. it is not in London
4 Which statemant(s) is/are true? 1.Statement A:There is only one true statement here 2.Statement B: statemant A is telling the truth 3.Statement B is lieng 4.Statement D: this statement is true
5 dallin and Daniel are playing on an Xbox 360. Daniel says to dalling stop "Screen cheating" Dalling syas so what. who is "Screen Cheating" Dallin or Daniel?