Will my ex and I get back together??

Still think about your ex all the time? Could there be a possibility that this break up is just a temp thing and they will be back in your arms again one day? Find out

1 How long have you and your ex been broken up
2 How old were you when the two of you met?
3 What is your ex's first initial?
4 Who called who last?
5 Do you sit at home thinking what your future children will look like?
6 Is your ex involved with someone else?
7 Have you said nasty things to your ex about his new girl?
8 Have you shown up at his place of work to see what his reaction woud be?
9 Do you still show up at "mutual' friends houses to just say hi?
10 Has he told you to stop calling but you kept on because you felt he owed it to you to give you some answers?
11 Has he refused to talk to you?
12 What hair color do you have?
13 Why are you taking this quiz?
14 If you were see him with his new girl, what would you do?
15 How long will you wait for him?
16 How long were you two together
17 What is your first initial?