Do You Know Animal Jam Good?

This is to know your favorite Website Animal Jam! I hope you like it!

1 What is the fox shamans name?
2 What is the panda shamans name?
3 What is the most popular Animal in 2012 Animal Jam?
4 What is the most wanted Beta day item?
5 What is the least picked animals in Animal Jam 2012?
6 Is the Zios fountain in animal jam rare?
7 Did you know you can get a headdress at Thanksgiving?
8 Which cloud is most wanted and rare?
9 Do you buy every rare item Monday item and collect them?
10 How do you get a lion... do you know?
11 Are the bunnies a popular animal?
12 Do you want to friend me on AJ?
13 If you do my username is ujgy. Or you can friend my other account. user is coom08
14 Did you like this Quiz?