Your Cat's Warrior Clan

Have you ever wondered what Warrior Cats Clan your cat would be in? Do they run fast, like to swim, can they jump extremely high? Find out now where they would fit best! Based off of the popular series by Erin Hunter.

1 What color fur does your cat have?
2 What does your cat like to do outdoors?
3 Does your cat enjoy being in water?
4 What flavors of food does your cat enjoy the most?
5 Where does your cat like to sleep?
6 What is your cat's favorite indoor activity?
7 What trait best describes your cat?
8 How long is your cat's fur?
9 How fat is your cat?
10 What is your cat's favorite toy?
11 Is your cat very social? (Do they like other cats?)
12 Does your cat like to go outside?
13 What is your cat's personality?