"What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?"

To see what character you are.Kids all age that loves wolf's rain would love this quiz.

1 "What is your favorite color of a wolf?"
2 "What is your favorite kind of collar to wear?"
3 "Do you like having fun?"
4 "What are you mostly doing with your time?"
5 "Do you have friends?"
6 "What color eyes do you want."
7 "How would you want to die?"
8 "Were did you live before the Nobels try to kill all wolves?"
9 "What is your favorite food?"
10 "What have your dreams been mostly of?"
11 "Do you fight until you cant?"
12 "Are you scared of cat's?"
13 "What happen to your family?"
14 "What is your favorite season?'
15 "How long can you go without food?'
16 "How far can you travle with water and a little bit of food?"
17 "Do you hate nobles?"
18 "Do you love being petted and hugged by a human?"
19 "Can you fight?"
20 "Are you strong?"
21 "Are you very fast?"
22 "Are you the runt?"
23 "Are you scared of the dark?"
24 "Do you love the night when the stars and moon is out?"
25 "Do you love to howl?"