How Long Will You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse V.2

Have you ever wanted to know how long you will survive the mythical zombie apocalypse? Take this quiz to find out..... EDIT#1: I am making another version of this quiz with more possible outcomes and more questions.

1 Which Melee Weapon is your Melee of Choice?
2 Which Gun is your Gun of Choice?
3 In a Dire Situation, What Types of Injuries Could You Deal With?
4 5.5mm Rimfire is a......?
5 How would you Describe your Current Level of Charisma?
6 How long can you Run?
7 What Is the most Important Thing(s) in a Zombie Scenario?
8 What is your Primary source of Transportation in a zombie apocalypse?
9 What Type of Gun is Shown in the Picture?
10 When going to a Buffet, How many Plates of food do you eat?
11 Which Type of Foods do you Primarily Eat?
12 What Would you Consider to be your Combat Specialty?
13 Is a Molotov Cocktail useful Against a group of Zombies?
14 What is your Idea of an Ideal Companion?
15 How Useful Would an Electronic be in a Zombie Apocalypse?
16 You're Whole Family has just been eaten In front of your own eyes. What do you do?
17 Your best friend falls, and sprains his ankle. What do you do?
18 Which Weapon listed has the most Practical Uses?
19 What is the length of your hair?
20 What is your idea of a good group size?
21 FINAL QUESTION- Are you a True Zombies Fan?
22 FINAL QUESTION 2- Now many zombie movies have you watched?