What is your natural born talent??

This quiz is to give everyone a clarification on what their natural talent is or to discover what their natural talent is. I'll try my best to make this quiz as accurate as possible with more than just a few outcomes.REMEMBER not to take this hard.

1 What are you described as by the ones closest to you?( Pick the one that fits the most)
2 What way do you find it's easiest for you to learn or understand something new?
3 What activites do you find yourself doing most?
4 Your friend needs help doing somthing at the last munite but you have to do your work too and your favorite show is coming on. What do you do?
5 You have to do a art project in art class thats due in 2 weeks. What do you draw
6 What remark are you most likely to get?
7 What do you like to do most on your freetime?