Who are you in AISC 6th grade of 2008-2009?

Going/went to AISC? Find out who you are in the 6th grade class of 2008-2009. Will you turn out to be like Sang Won, So, Luca, Anouk, Lydia, Aubrey, Nikhita, Holly, or Emma?

1 It's lunch time, what do you do?
2 You're 30 minutes late to second period and you were in first period. The teacher asks where you were, you say:
3 You and your friends have a water fight at school. One of your friends soak you meaning just to get you a little wet. What do you do?:
4 It's friday night, what are you doing?
5 A friend asks to copy your homework because they forgot to do it.
6 The teacher asks you to show the new kid around school. You: