Live A Day And Be Graded!! >D

Have you ever had a bad day? Or a really good day that you just wanted to rave about? Live out a day, with the random events made by an insane person, and be graded... Mwhahaha!

1 You wake up. You yawn, and fall out of bed. How do you react?
2 You're mom calls for you upstairs. 'Get UP here and eat!' What do you yell back?
3 On the bus to school, you sit in the back, and listen to your iPod (or Zune or MP3, wutev u own) and you realize you forgot your science homework that's worth 100 points in the grade book. What do you do?!
4 You go to your locker, and there is a paper taped to it. Actually... there are papers taped to everybody's. What's on them?
5 In Math class, this really cute senior grins at you. What... DO... you... do??
6 Oh no!!! Science! You still don't have your homework! QUICK! What do you do in the hallway?
7 You're in science class, and the teacher collects yourhomework. She looks at you weird, and you squirm. She starts teaching.-
8 End of school... fun... What are you planning??
9 How would you grade your day?...