What are your chances of becoming a soccer player?

this quiz test your knowledge of football and how well you can play it and what your decision making is like and will all round up to you know

1 how old are you?
2 When was the first worldcup played?
3 what is the easiest way to score a penalty?
4 if you get a one on one with the goalkeeper what would you do?
5 if an opponent racially abuses you what would you do?
6 what is the most essencial thing that a footballer should have?
7 which of these players is the most all-rounded?
8 what type of goal did lionel messi score on his barcelona debut?
9 if a player were to physically abuse you what would you do?
10 if your coach asks you who is better you or your teammate even though you are better what would you do?
11 what is the best way to get ratings as a footballer