Would a Vampire Love You or Kill You?

So you really love vampires and because of this, you think they would love you too? Let's Find Out! *I'm sure a lot of you will try to get the answer you want. But that's no fun! So I ask kindly that you take the quiz HONESTLY first time round.*

1 Walking home on a dark and cool night, you happen to catch a glimpse of a man. Curiosity for some reason lures you to get a closer look. Upon reaching the area he was at, you find that he has moved deeper into the shadows. What do you do?
2 The man comes closer to inspect you. He's looking at what you are wearing.
3 After he gets a good look at what you're wearing he remains exressionless and into your eyes, almost as if reading you.
4 Finally he speaks. His voice is very low but calm as he asks you quietly what you're doing out this late.
5 After hearing your response, he asks if you would like to take a walk with him.
6 He thinks to himself that you should know by now that he's a vampire. But just in case, he tells you anyway. How do you respond?
7 He's made a decision concerning whether or not he wants to eat you, kill you or keep you.