Which Left 4 Dead 2 character are you?

Like video games? Or even zombie games? Well lets see which character you are from the topselling zombie fighting game Left 4 Dead 2! Ellis, Nick, Rochelle, or Coach! You must be a fan!

1 Have you ever played Left 4 Dead 2?
2 Name of all characters in L4D2?
3 If your friend was being attacked by The Horde, what would you do?
4 Which weapon do you prefer most?
5 Would you put the others in your group first? If so, why?
6 Would you except a stranger into the group?
7 How well would you cope ( get along with) with your team mates?
8 And finally, are you looking forward to the end of the world through an apocalype?
9 Was this a good quiz? Rate it!