The Ultimate X-FIles Quiz

Find out if you've got what it takes to become the next FBI Superstar or if you belong in the Deputy Director's office shredding files.

1 What famous landmark does Mulder visit in “All Things?"
2 Which of the following episodes was not written by Vince Gilligan?
3 Which Sci-Fi Icon guests stars in “Terms of Endearment?"
4 What song does Scully sing to Mulder in "Detour?"
5 In “Dreamland, Part 2,” what new item is not featured in Mulder's bedroom?
6 What episode did Chris Carter name after Gillian Anderson’s daughter?
7 In “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” to whose death does Bruckman attribute his psychic talents?
8 How many times has Mulder seen Ed Wood’s "Plan 9 from Outer Space?"
9 What are Deep Throat’s last words?
10 In “Small Potatoes,” who does Scully say she would want to be for a day (other than “herself”)?
11 Which episode is responsible for the creation of "Breaking Bad?"