Lindsey Stirling Trivia

I know it's a little odd... but Lindsey Stirling is really cool. PLEASE NO GOOGLING THAT IS CHEATING!!! Oh and if your device does not allow you to see pictures on the questions, that is OK, because I have descriptions in the questions required. :)

1 First of all, what instrument does she play??
2 And, by the way, the answer to that last question was "She sings, dances, does collabs, and plays violin." Now what is her antique violin's name?
3 Which video is this scene from?? (Lindsey, playing violin, surrounded by ice.)
4 And this? (Lindsey, in flowy white dress, with violin, running in sand.
5 And which TV show role did she play?
6 Lindsey's sibling's names?
7 And your favourite Lindsey Stirling song? (Doesn't affect score)