"Motormate Quiz bee"

All questions should have a maximum of 4 options with only one correct answer.

1 "Mc Arthur Landing Memorial Park is one of the most historic landmark which is located in Palo, Leyte. Who designed it?"
2 "This famous bridge was completed in the year 1972 and commonly known as "Bridge of Love"
3 "Which of the following is famous Spanish influenced village that is located in Crisologo, Ilocos Sur?"
4 "This Mountain is more than 5000 feet high, it is known as "Mount of Souls". What is the name of the Mountain?"
5 "How many windmills are there in Bagui bay?"
6 "The longest bridge in the Philippines is San Juanico Bridge. What is the second?"
7 "This is the photo of the "Sinking Bell Tower". Where is this landmark located?"
8 "How many years old is the "Tuguegarao Cathedral"?"
9 "What is the other name of Daraga church in Legaspi?"
10 "Where in the Philippines is Calle Crisologo located?"
11 "San Juanico Bridge connects these two places"
12 " Where does the famous "Hanging Coffins" located?"
13 "The name of this municipality is derived from its location. It is a short term for the phrase "Nay Patok shi chontog" which means..?
14 "When was Vigan founded?"
15 "He is a Filipino politician and model who also became a Governor of Camarines Sur"
16 "When was "Heritage Village" established?"
17 "Sinking Bell Tower was built by the Augustinians. In what year was this built?"
18 "Who introduced burnay-making or clay pot in Vigan?, he was awarded by the National Commission on Culture and Arts in 1990 as National Folk Artist"