When was the "Heritage Village" established?

Take the quiz to find out. Goodluck!

1 Mc Arthur Landing Memorial Park is one of the most historic landmark which is located in Palo, Leyte. Who designed it?
2 This famous bridge was completed in the year 1972 and commonly known as "Bridge of Love".
3 Which of the following is famous Spanish influenced village that is located in Crisologo, Ilocos Sur?
4 This Mountain is more than 5000 feet high, it is known as "Mount of Souls". What is the name of the Mountain?
5 How many windmills are there in Bangui Bay?
6 The longest bridge in the Philippines is San Juanico Bridge. What is the second?
7 This is the photo of the "Sinking Bell Tower". Where is this landmark located?
8 How many years old is the "Tuguegarao Cathedral"?
9 What is the other name of Daraga Church in Legaspi?
10 Where in the Philippines is Calle Crisologo located?
11 "San Juanico Bridge connects these two places."
12 Where does the famous "Hanging Coffins" located?
13 The name of this municipality is derived from its location. It is a short term for the phrase "Nay Patok shi chontog" which means..?
14 When was the Vigan founded?
15 "He is a Filipino politician and model who also became a Governor of Camarines Sur."
16 When was the "Heritage Village" established?
17 Sinking Bell Tower was built by the Augustinians. In what year was this built?
18 "Who introduced burnay-making or clay pot in Vigan?, he was awarded by the National Commission on Culture and Arts in 1990 as National Folk Artist"