Gothic Horror Trivia

Trivia about dark music, films, tv, literature and alternative lifestyles.

1 In Hitchcock's 'The Birds', what type of bird does not become murderous?
2 Gypsy folklore claims vampires may copulate with any woman to produce vampire-detecting offspring called what?
3 Who recorded voice overs for Alice Cooper on his 1975 song 'Welcome To My Nightmare'?
4 Who was the jackal-faced embalmer god of ancient Egypt?
5 What graphic comic by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell was later made into a feature film about the possible identity of Jack the Ripper?
6 In what children's book does the mischievous boy Max rule over monsters in a dream world?
7 What band is performing on stage at the opening of the vampire film 'The Hunger' starring David Bowie?
8 Under what European City might you find tunnels with walks built from the bones of nearly 6 million people?
9 Name the band from these albums: 'The Head on the Door', 'Wild Mood Swings', 'Bloodflowers'.
10 What British poet is well known for his poem 'The Lamia' - a metaphor about a woman vampire attempting to seduce and marry a young man?