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Murphy aka "MURPHINATOR 6000"

Captain of the Australian NRL team and voted 15 times 'Australia's #1 hawtest guy liek EVAR'. No one messes with Murphy. Not even Murphy messes with Murphy. Your path to excellentness started early this year at a local Rugby League match between the Panthers and the Bulldogs, when inferior kicker Hasem El Masri was having troubles with his goal kicking, you jumped in and saved the day! Teaching him what is now commonly known as the 'MURPHAY69 Kicking Style'. The team (and entire country) was so impressed with your ability that they started a new league known as the 'MURPH TO THE TURF league', which pitted a team of 5000 bloodthirsty gladiators in a rugby league match against you. So far you have never lost a game. You are a truely amazing indivual who must be seen to be believed... and all that shit.

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