How bad do YOU hate Justin Bieber?

See how bad you hate Justin Bieber

How girly are you

how girly are you

whats sexy about you?

find out what make you attractive!!!

Do You Know Texting Language?

C if you know the texting language!

What is your perfect nickname?

Title is pretty descriptive...

i can guess your age in 5 questions

when you take this quiz i will be able to find out your age without you telling me its going to be almost like magic

How will your life be in 10 years ?

No description has been provided.

How many kids will you have? When, How, Gender,Nam

babies baby fun future random cool kids gender

How Pretty Are You?

How Pretty Are You? Click to see! (:

What Eminem song verse are you?

Of all the lyrics to Eminem songs..which one are you?

how big is your penis?

is your penis big? or is it a weener!!!

what is the initial of ur true love?

check out this quiz...

you're lover's name

You're Lucky You're Single Alot Of Girl's/Boy's Want You

What u would most likely do in a FIGHT?

It will determine what you will most likely do in a fight!

What Kinda Teenager R U?????

dis quiz tell u pple wht kinda of teenagers u really r.........

who will you first have sex with? try it works !!

by taking this you will find out truley who your fist ever sex session will be with. it honestly works i tried it and chose britney spears ... damnn she was good lol :)

What 2010 song are you?

What kind of song are you?

What do you hide behind your eyes?

This is a quiz i made. I was kind of depressed. Guys can take this quiz too, i guess, but it is more meant for girls. Sorry.

How fucked up is your life

Take the quiz nd ull find out. If u like it dnt give me all the credit my friend helped.